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e-SAGI (Electronic SA Genealogical Index).  This index, compiled by Lucas Rinken, contains more than 500 000 names, represented by 181 400 South African families, and it provides researchers with a reliable database that is constantly updated with new information. It is a dynamic electronic database that is quickly available at a reasonable cost. The index is intended as a reference source for those looking for direction, thus leaving them more time to concentrate their efforts on research.


The DVD contains:

      Standard Version of the Genealogical Program Legacy – allowing you to install Legacy on your computer, and to transfer the e‑SAGI.fdb Legacy Data File  to the Data directory created by the installation of the Legacy Program

      The e-SAGI database in the form of a Legacy Data File and a Gedcom, should you prefer to import the data into your genealogical program.


Purchasers of any previous version of e-SAGI (or its predecessor, the Rinken-De Wet Database) enjoy a discount on this new product.


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